Tuesday, April 10, 2018

It's a Finish!

Rainbow ABC I Spy
40 x 48
For grand nephew Silas

 I've made quite a few of these quilts for grand kids and grand nieces and nephews.  A variety of different I Spy games can be played.  I am sure to include all colors of the rainbow in the borders and a few blocks with numbers. 

 I usually give the quilts as baby shower gifts along with ABC, Number, Shape and/or Color books. 

You probably noticed that these are Happy Blocks like yesterday but in a different size.  That's what I like about Happy Blocks  - they are so versatile. 

I include iron on letters that are sort of velvety feeling - fun to trace with the fingers.  

I quilted it like yesterday's quilt - with Julie's "Blowing Bubbles"

I had some monkeys for the backing - the scraps may end up as M for Monkey in one of the next quilts although I do have two of these ABC I Spy tops already made and in the UFO pile waiting for some letters, pieced batting and backings. 



Linda said...

Your I Spy quilts are always great. I know you have a hoard of fabrics suitable for I Spy but these are wonderful - even Zips, for goodness sake! Happy blocks are definitely a super idea for children's quilts.

Sue SA said...

Love it! I made a wall hanging version once, trying to find J fabric was a killer! I just quilted the letter onto the I spy block, but I much prefer the idea of raised letters for a toddler to touch...plus easier to see.

Rivah Rats Quilting said...

I follow u and watch your work all he time!! Always exceptional!! Thanks for all you do��

Emily said...

So bright and cheerful! I really like your letters! Do you stitch them on? Where do you find them?