Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Garden Patchwork

There's a fairy door at the base of my sundial in the fairy garden. 

They grow some miniature daffodils (about as tall as a crocus in foreground)  in their garden but I especially love it when the miniature roses and miniature lilies are in bloom.   

When I go out to work on the garden patchwork the fairies always stay still like statues.  I never catch them dancing, singing or playing.  So you will never find me cavorting with fairies. 

I have several different varieties of daffodils but they aren't quite in full bloom. I sure love these miniatures, though, that I have planted here and there all along the flower garden pathways. 

Some of the garden paths are blue when scilla is in bloom. 

This little six inch tall flower appeared out of nowhere. I've never seen it before and don't think I ever planted it but I've identified it as Bloodroot.  Maybe the fairies planted it. 

I have several different varieties of species tulips blooming now too. 

I'm surprised I have any little species tulips or hyacinth blooming along the paths. I can see where rabbits and deer have been eating the growth on most of my daylilies, hyacinth and other bulbs, darn it.  I'm grateful to have anything blooming. 

I only had a few crocus blooming here and there. I could see where the green growth was eaten all the way down to the ground. 

I've been working on my garden patchwork the last couple of days and will continue as long as the weather is nice.  Asparagus is popping up, so is lettuce and spinach. I'm waiting for the sugar snap peas to sprout. Maybe this year the groundhog won't eat them to the ground. Well, that is if a vole or field mouse hasn't eaten my seeds already. 

Why do I suddenly have the urge to go work on my Down and Dirty Gardening quilt? 


Libby in TN said...

Beautiful flowers. I love the miniatures. The deer have decimated my day lilies; they don't seem to like daffodils and so far are leaving my ajuga alone. I'm going to put up fences tomorrow!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

That looks like a beautiful garden, Cathy - even if the rabbits and deer have been enjoying it, too! Love the miniature varieties of the flowers!

Teresa said...

Pretty flowers and enjoyed reading your post

gayle said...

So pretty - especially the minis! Hopefully the deer will let you enjoy them all!

Janie said...

Thanks for sharing your garden photos and fun post.
Your garden patchwork is delightful.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Hmmmmmmm . . . I wonder why? (LOL)

Emily said...

Love that faerie door and your flowers!

Kaja said...

Beautiful - and I love the idea of miniature plants around your fairy house.