Thursday, March 23, 2023

Three Little Finishes


Three Little Finishes

All contain some '30s reproduction fabrics with little animals or kids playing. I made all the block sets last year and assembled the tops and finished the quilts this month. 

Snowball and Nine Patch
'42 x 42

'30s repros and muslin

Quilted on the diagonals on my DSM.

Backing and binding.

Basket Weave
42 x 42

'30s repros with an orange solid "woven" in. 

Quilted with horizontal and vertical lines on my DSM.

Backing and binding are the same multicolored orange batik.

Log Cabin Variation
40 x 40

This one was actually inspired by a vintage one that had more of a zig-zaggy look - maybe more like  Fields and Furrows layout. Well, anyway, when I went to lay out my blocks like that I went "ewwwww, yucky, icky". So I played around with the little five inch blocks and came up with this layout. 

I quilted it with spirals in a multicolored thread on my DSM. 

And here's the backing and binding. 

Now the little finishes are ready to comfort some little ones. 

And sew on...


Julie in GA said...

Such wonderful, colorful quilts! Some lucky children will love them!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Such fabulous 30s fabrics and what fun little quilts! WELL DONE, you!

Ivani said...

They are so cute! Love the snowball and Nine Patches, but all of then are pretty and so colorful and happy. You are a very productive quilter Cathy. Congrats!!

Lesley Gilbert said...

Love all the colours and the quilts :)

Linda said...

All three are gorgeous! The 1930s fabrics are such pretty colours, whichever way you put them together they work. Super pretty backings too. Great little baby quilts quilts, lucky babies.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Amazing finishes!!! Send me some of your finishing mojo please!!!

Quilter Kathy said...

So pretty! Love each colourful quilt! I adore the backing on the 30s quilt with all the creatures!

mangozz said...

These are all so cute and colorful! The recipients are going to be thrilled! On the last one, did you come up with the pattern yourself? I love all of the colors.