Friday, September 17, 2021

Quilts of September #9, #10, #11

Hole in the Barn Door, Churn Dash Variation, Monkey Wrench

Variations of the same block. 

The backs. 

Hole in the Barn Door
I used red fabrics for the "barns", animal fabrics for the holes and old florals for the backgrounds.

Quilted with spirals. 

The binding is a red, white and brown stripe. 

There's barnyard animals on the back with a little piece of what was left of one of the "barns" to add length. 

Churn Dash Variation

Lots of green scrap chunks were used up in this one. 

This was also quilted with spirals and has a scrappy green binding. 

It's difficult to see but the backing is a green and orange print. Again, I had to add a little piece for length. 

Monkey Wrenches

Lots of brown chunks were used up making these 10 inch blocks. Binding is all scrappy browns. 

I quilted it with vertical and horizontal lines.

The backing is an African looking print. 

All backing pieces came to me from different friends.
All battings were pieced. 
All are donation quilts.

And on to the next!



Linda said...

Three more super quilts. You thought out your use of scraps brilliantly to make such fabulous quilts. Love the backings and bindings too. My prediction of 12 finishes by the end of September is looking a bit rocky!

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Super great quilts and so fun to see the variations in the style of dashes!!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Three variations on a theme and three fabulous quilt finishes, Cathy!!

---"Love" said...

More pretty quilts again today! How many will you finished this month? Well, today you are just six short of being up with one a day today! I think you'll get one a day by the en of the month! You seem to be on a roll right now! ---"Love"

Emily said...

Love these! The animals escaping the barn are so much fun :)

Chantal said...

Love these quilts. These blocks are all 9-Patch blocks and have a lot of similarities and yet, the quilts are totally different. I'm working on a Hole in the Barn Door quilt and it looks nothing like yours. Don't know if you like sewing little bits of fabric but here's the link in case you wish to see it and
maybe be inspired.
Enjoy! ;^)

QuiltGranma said...

Great quilts! One of my first quilts was a monkey wrench, with 5/8" seams! oh, the joys of learning with no teachers. That was years ago!