Monday, September 27, 2021

Quilts of September #19 - #28

This is a picture heavy post so I did not enlarge any photos. 
Front of Quilts of September #19-#24

Back of Quilts of September #19-24

#19 - Green Squares 
40 x 60

Made with green scraps a lady named Candra gifted me in March of this year.

Quilted with swirls in a grayish-green thread.

Binding is a scrappy green and here's the back. The scrappy green binding came in a bag of 2.25 inch bindings from a lady named Nann. Backing fabric came from a lady named Ann. 

#20  - Green  & Brown Rails
42 x 54

This was also made with scraps Candra gifted me in March of this year. 

Quilted with lines both horizontal and vertical. Didn't try to keep lines straight or evenly spaced. I just kind of went with the flow. 

Binding is a brown floral I thought kind of matched the brown rails and the flowers in the binding kind of match the flowers in the backing provided by a lady named Ann. 

#21 - Blue Orphans
40 x 48 (more or less)

I put this orphan block top together a long time ago. And I didn't notice until I was trimming the backing to add the binding that the quilt is about one inch shorter in width on the bottom.

The reason I noticed is because I used another top, a UFO given to me ages ago by a lady named Nancy, for the backing. And since the backing has borders it makes the difference very noticeable. I added the label where the difference happens to be but that just draws attention to the spot. Ugh....I may remove the label and give it to someone to use as a car quilt.  Around here roads in the winter get icy and temperatures sometimes dip below zero so every car should have a quilt in case of emergency. 

Blue Orphans
40 x 60

Some of the blocks in this one came to me from others.(Piggy courtesy of a lady named Gayle). 

And some blocks I've had around for a very long time. 

This is another one quilted with swirls. I used a variegated thread with blues, greens and browns. And in case you don't know I guess I should mention that all of my quilting takes place on my DSM unless I hand quilt. 

This is the back. The binding is a light blue floral that came from a lady named Teresa and the backing was provided by a lady named Ann. 

#23 - Crumb Stars
40 x 60

Crumb Stars are 12 inch blocks. I used 6 inch blue crumb blocks for the centers and blue scraps for the points. I used scrap chunks in red and yellow for the backgrounds. 

I had a small piece of blue with polka dots that I used as sashing. 

My crumbs are small and usually irregular shaped pieces. It's fun to see what shows up in a block. 

And here's yet another one quilted with swirls. 

I didn't have quite enough of the sashing fabric for the binding so I used what was left plus a dark blue with yellow stars. The backing is a diagonal stripe.

#24 - Nancy
Named after the lady who sent me the top last year (or was that two years ago?)
36 x 48

Well, finally it is quilted with some three petaled flowers. 

Backing is a blue floral and the binding is what is left of the Easter egg fabric from a lady named Nann I used as binding on another quilt. With the greens, blues and pinks it blends wonderfully and you can't really even tell those are Easter eggs. Normally holiday fabrics don't go into donation quilts but I don't think anyone will notice the binding is holiday fabric. 

Front of quilts #25 & 26

Back and binding of the pinwheels. Backing was from a lady named Teresa.

Back and binding of the orphan block quilt. 

#25  Orphan Blocks in kind of a star theme. 
40 x 60

Unfortunately this had some bleeding after washing. I'm not sure when it bled. I wash all my smaller quilts by hand because I have a wringer washer and wash every thing by hand with homemade laundry soap. I don't put the quilts through the wringer but try to squeeze out as much water as  I can. Then I leave them to dry flat on drying racks and then finally fluff them a little in the dryer. I use color catchers when washing and the color catcher did not pick up any color after I washed this one because I always try to check for sure. So I think as the quilt was drip drying on the racks it must have bled then. And of course I threw it in the dryer without noticing so that probably set it in. I will try to fix my bleeding quilt with the Vicki Walsh method but I'm not going to spend a lot of time at it. This may also turn into a car quilt. 

Most of the blocks were my orphans but...

...some of them like the yellow and green Stars that were missing corners when I received them and that bleeding Economy block came from others. This one was also quilted with swirls. 

#26 - Pinwheels. 
40 x 60

Speaking of blocks from others...the large pinwheel blocks were made by a lady named BrendaLou. She was offering up a box of 12 inch blocks and I snagged them thinking I could use them to piece backings. (I have).  But there happened to be these Pinwheels that looked like they all went together so I made 15 little four inch pinwheels for a sashing to extend the width and then made a top. 

I quilted this one with swirls too. 

#27 - Autumn
40 x 56

I made this top up last year when I was using up lots of autumn themed scraps and orphan blocks. I think this is one of four Autumn themed tops I ended up with and the smallest one of the four. 

This one was quilted with leaves. 

And the backing and binding are leafy too. 

#28 - Purple and Yellow Orphans
40 x 56

Lots of old orphans went into this one. 

Again, some are my blocks and some came from others over the years. 

Lots of big and little blockks. 

Backing came from lady named Teresa; however, it was not long enough so I extended it with some crumb blocks that came in that box of 12 inch blocks from BrendaLou. 

Another one quilted with...yes, swirls!

The binding is scrappy purples. For these smaller donation quilts I sew the binding on by machine and use a blanket stitch. 

Now no more pin basting quilts on the floor for awhile. A couple of days ago while out gardening I went to get up from my little gardening stool and tripped and fell and hurt my back. Evidently the sole on my antique sneakers (I think c. 1996) decided to loosen up, flip back and trip me. Ice and Ibuprofen are my friends now. I hope to be good as new in a couple of days and then will look into getting this baby a new pair of shoes!  

That's now 28 finishes for September! All are ready for giving or gifting! 

But there's still a few days left in September. I can't pin baste but maybe there will be more finishes. Maybe!  

I vowed that there would be no piecing, cutting or squirrels allowed in the sewing room this month . I'm really experiencing withdrawal symptoms and squirrels are appearing in my dreams.  Thank goodness the end of the month is near!  😅 Maybe I should start cleaning up my quilting mess - lots of strings and scraps were generated! (Hooray!)

Thanks to all who have been cheering me on! 



Gretchen Weaver said...

WOW! And you quilted them all on your home sewing machine? I am so impressed. Take a day and clean up the sewing room then you can quilt a few more quilts if your back can take it. I'm also impressed you were able to have a pair of shoes last that long. I've had many shoes fall apart that weren't near that age. Happy stitching, take it easy with the back!

Yvonne said...

You have been productive! I'm in awe of how much you got done!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Cathy, these quilts and your amazing September are just fabulous! I love seeing how you put orphan blocks together and make scrappy backs and bindings. I'm just sorry you are ending the month with a sore back!

---"Love" said...

I knew you could and would do it all along! Now you are one day ahead; take a rest and hopefully you will fill like finishing two more quilts, to make one a day for September! Amazing indeed! Hope you back injury is not serious, and that you will be feeling much better in a day or two. ---"Love"

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

You are amazing that you got that many done. I have to laugh a little about the old sneakers. Mine aren't quite as old, probably from 2008 but I have had my son glue the soles back on twice with Gorilla Glue. The whole front half of the soles were flapping. They are the most comfortable pair I own and now they have become my gardening shoes.

Quiltdivajulie said...

What a monumental effort this finishing has been - all I can say is WOWSERS.

mangozz said...

The number of finishes you have for September are unbelievable! I bet this is some kind of world record - seriously. I wonder how many spools of thread you have gone through this month - do you know? I am so sorry to hear of your fall in the garden though.

Sarah in NF CT said...

BRAVO!!!! Think of all the space you are clearing out! Think of all the people who will benefit! Think of the joy your work will bring to others. Now it's time to sew somethng for yourself!

Julie in GA said...

Amazing! I had gotten used to you posting a quilt each day last week, and wondered if you had slowed down a bit when there weren't any posts over the weekend. Silly me, you were way too busy finishing ten more quilts! I'm hoping you can get up to 30 for the month, but don't push too hard if your back can't handle it. Congratulations on your incredible productivity! You are an inspiration to us all!

viridian said...

Wow Cathy you have been so productive, and your finishes look great. I recognize some names from the Stashbusters group! :-)
Viridian from Stashbusters

The Joyful Quilter said...

OMG, Cathy!! That's a whole lot of name dropping in one post. Congratulations on a whole lot of happy scrappy finished quilts!!

Cathy said...

Superwoman!! Whether 28 is the final or penultimate number, that is an amazing number of quilts finished in September!! Congrats!!

Linda said...

When there was a tiny lull after the Ice cream quilt I knew a post showing several finishes would be coming along. However I didn’t expect a whole washing line full! I’ve had a lovely time sitting in bed with a cup of tea drooling over all of these delightful quilts. The Blue orphan quilt is gorgeous and I love how you’ve backed it with the gifted quilt. The label us just fine - leave it as it is! So, concentrate on recovering from your fall but I expect you will somehow squeeze in another finish before 30th September!!! Or two, for 30 quilts in 30 days?

MissPat said...

Ten quilts in 3 days? I would think even your machine needs a rest. And boy, do you know a lot of generous ladies. Here's hoping for a quick recovery on the back. Pat

gayle said...

Wowsers!!! At this point I think I am permanently goggle-eyed!
(Baby that back - you need it for so many things!)

QuiltGranma said...

You have been busy, lots of quilt finishes!

Patty said...

Wowzer! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish!

Pamela Arbour said...

Thanks for the quilt show. I think you should cuddle up to all of those quilts before you give them away. I love seeing your creativity