Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

I thought I would take some pictures of things growing wild around here.  If interested take a walk with me. 

Last Saturday we had a big storm with 80 mph winds. After storms like that we usually have a lot of trees that fall that need to be cleaned up but we were lucky this tie and just had lots of branches down. 

I found a poor butterfly that looks like it lost part of its wings. It didn't seem to have any problems flying from one bee balm blossom to the next. 

Milkweed pops up here and there in the flower garden and I just let most of it grow in place for the monarchs.  It's that tall plant on the left hand side of the photo. 

I've seen several monarchs around but never when I'm taking pictures. 

This year it also popped up in the veggie garden and it looks like it planted itself all in a row next to my strawberry patch.  

After the storm all the milkweed fell over so I had to stake it all up even though I felt like pulling it all up.  

I think those are wild oyster mushrooms growing on a log from a tree that fell last year that I used to prop up a trellis that needed a little extra support. 

Black raspberries also pop up here and there on the property and I try to keep them contained in four patches. 

The rain made them nice and plump for picking.  I think I now have enough in the freezer to make a batch of jam when the weather is cooler. I'm going to strain out the seeds this year when I make it.  I've used grandma's recipe to make a raspberry cobbler that we ate warm with ice cream. 

I'm really surprised that the birds don't eat all the raspberries.  Actually with all the free range cats around here I'm surprised there are any birds. 

Wild Larkspur is another thing that popped up in the flower garden a few years ago. I let it grow in some places but it is rather invasive. 

The flowers are blue and look a lot like the larkspur I planted but that has not bloomed yet. The larkspur I'm growing from seed will be in different colors. I used to grow  lot of it and dry it. 

Another thing that grows wild around here along the field fence lines is Joe Pye Weed. Several years ago a patch popped up in my flower garden so I left it alone. Now it is rather invasive so I pull a lot of it up. 

Usually it is covered with Tiger Swallowtails but I have not seen any yet this year. Maybe it is too early for them. 

Fleabane is another thing growing wild around here in places.  I think they make a nice filler in a bouquet. 

I let Queen Anne's Lace or Wild Carrot grow here and there around the property but dug most of it out of the flower gardens because it was too invasive.  I think they are pretty, though. 

And speaking of about an invasion of Marshmallows? It's the tall plants on the left and right. I actually grew them from seeds about thirty years ago and have not been able to get rid of them. They pop up here and there and before you know it they are five feet tall. I originally had the crazy idea that it would be fun to make actual marshmallows from marshmallow with the kids when they were younger. Then I had second thoughts when I saw all the work involved. up on the history of marshmallows. They were made with the marshmallow plant you see above. 

And speaking of wild and crazy here's Poindeckster. 

We give him something different for hair every year. 

Hope you enjoyed the walk in the wild side. 

Now I'm walking into the sewing room. It's kind of wild in there too. 


Crystal_235 said...

Love all the plants!

Louise said...

Fun tour!

Libby in TN said...

Lovely. Thanks for naming some of the things I don't recognize around here.

Dee Dee said...

Fun tour. The Joe Pye Weed is called Hollyhocks in Wyoming. Well, at least they look the same.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Thanks for the garden tour! It's much more interesting than my own.

---"Love" said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the tour of your yard. I don't have any of those plants in my yard. Let me get truthful: I don't have any plants, except what left of my rose garden, which is over-run with weeds that my son whacks down with his weed-eater about every 2-3 weeks! I'm not able to even step down on my patio, for fear of falling, much less work in my yard 5-6 hours a day, like I did just three years ago, and it breaks my heart to see all my flower beds in such a condition as I look out my sunroom windows, where I stay all the time! I don't even have any pretty weeds! So I really enjoyed seeing your weeds in bloom and your flowers! I'm envious! I do enjoy watching the birds and squirrels. I'll hush for now! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures! ---"Love"

MissPat said...

I concur about the larkspur being invasive. I'm going to have to make a diligent effort to clear a lot of it out because it's taken over one garden completely. It looks beautiful when it's all in bloom, but right now you can't see anything else. Deer lopped off the tops of my Joe Pye Weed, but side shoots grew out, so I'm hoping for flowers, but they will be shorter and later. Your photos were particularly lovely today.

Laura said...

I have Joe Pye Weed as well (and a few more of the same types of plants that you have). I planted the Joe Pye several years ago, and it seems to be happy. I was wondering around the garden looking to shoot swallowtails. We usually have lots, but they were no where to be found at the time that I was outdoors.

Thanks for sharing about the marshmallow plant...that is a new one to me! :)

mangozz said...

I had to look up marshmallow plants as I thought you were kidding. I was really surprised to find so much information on them. They are even used to treat acid reflux which is very interesting. Thanks.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Great photos, Cathy! I enjoyed the tour of your yard and property. Poindexter is great - looks like he approves of this year's hair!

Angie said...

Definitely enjoyed the walk! Everything in your garden is so different from what grows here, so it's a great education for me!

Karen in Breezy Point said...

The milkweed has been blooming along the minimum maintenance roads where my dog and I walk each day. I haven't seen any monarchs yet though, which has me a bit worried. I hope they pop up soon. Your photos are lovely!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Poindeckster is fabulous! So many lovely flowers and plants today - such lush greens . . .

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Back home I had a few weeds that I treated like flowers...they actually had beautiful flowers. I always let the milkweed grow. My father-in-law always said I was nuts. I was thrilled to find Teasel growing along our walk way here on the mountain.
xx, Carol

Nann said...


gayle said...

Poindeckster looks pretty happy with his hairdo!
Thanks for the garden tour! Now I'm off to read about marshmallow.

Janice Holton said...

Yes, I DID enjoy that walk on the wild side. You have quite a variety of plant life!