Monday, August 12, 2019

Tulipa Errata

 Tulipa Errata
78 x 78
It's finally a flimsy! 

 Pattern is Now and Then from the book Material Obsession 2. 

I had posted the other day that I thought that the cutting instructions for all the background pieces was incorrect.   Normally that would not be a problem for me because I usually don't cut all pieces for a quilt at once but for this quilt I had to cut the pieces in order to applique the tulips. 

All of the pieces and parts have been thrown in a box for quite a long time. I got them all out the other day and measured and remeasured, read and reread the instructions, measured and remeasured and read and reread the instructions because I couldn't believe that ALL the background cutting instructions were incorrect. But they were. 

I wrote a note to Kathy Doughty: 
> Name: Cathy 
> Phone or mobile: 
> Your message: Now and Then 
> Material Obsession 2 
> Has there been any errata issued for Now and Then from Material Obsession 2? I
have found the pieces and parts do not fit together properly. I've read and
re-read the instructions numerous times and remeasured all my pieces and parts
because I was hesitant to write and ask about this but I really think there is a
problem with the pattern. 
> I'm trying to figure out what to do now that I've used most of my background
fabric and have all applique finished so just was wondering if some corrections to
this pattern had been issued. I searched online but didn't seem to find any. 
> I just want to add that I have almost all of Kathy Doughty's books and have made
several quilts with the patterns in the books and have never run into a problem
until this quilt. 
I received a prompt reply along with a correction sheet: 

Hi Cathy,
Weirdly, I was just thinking about this quilt and wondering if anyone ever made it. 
It is one of my favourites.

There is a mistake in this book.  I am attaching a correction sheet:

I apologise for your frustrations in trying to get it together.  We wrote this book
early on and it is no longer in print.  I hope the correction sheet helps you get it
Best regards,

 Ok...well... the correction sheet was not helpful at this point in the process but it did confirm my suspicions that all background pieces were cut incorrectly. 

It was  a dark and stormy day yesterday so I decided since I wouldn't have a day interrupted by gardening I would figure out what to do to move this quilt forward.  Improvise. Make do. The first thing to do was some math to figure out what the measurement should be for each side of the triangles.  Then it was a matter of adding some "coping strips" to the short sides of some. Thankfully I had just enough background fabric left to do that. 
 I suspect if the instructions had said to cut the squares for the 24  "Unit 1" parts from 2 inch pieces instead of 2.5 inch pieces the parts MIGHT have all fit together without further adjustments but I was not about to test that theory and make more of those units. Besides, I had used most of my 30s repro 2.5 inch scraps construction them and I used almost all of that red plaid too.  Most of the tulips were made of 1.5 inch 30s repro scraps.  

 Speaking of that red plaid...I used some strips of that  instead of the background fabric to make the side setting triangles the correct size. 
I was saving that piece of red plaid for the binding so now I'll have to use something else when the time comes. 

Now and Then
Tulipa Errata


Cats and Calico said...

I have that book. Should go write a note it's incorrect so I'll know in case I ever decide to try it. Thanks.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Kudos to you for making this work - the top is wonderful and adding the red on the outside edges works beautifully. Hoping you can find enough lengths of scrappy reproductions to use for binding.

SandyPA said...

Good recovery! I like your choice of using the red plaid along the outside. You can bind it in a dark red or even black, or a colorful stripe. But at least you got another UFO moving down the line. Sandy at

Nann said...

I think I'd name this one Determination! It's a splendid design -- the scrappy busyness is great. But interesting that there's not a link on Kathy D's website with a correction......Makes you wonder how many designs published in quilt books (or magazines) actually ever get made. [That's why I have, on several occasions, shared photos with designers to let them know that at least I've done so!]

P.S. I think you're sending the rain our way. It got cloudy yesterday (Sunday) afternoon but nary a drop. Forecast is for heavy storms tonight.

Libby in TN said...

Great save, Cathy! You put too much work into the pieces to leave them unfinished.

Linda said...

Wow, Cathy! What a lot of work to figure out how to alter those pieces of patchwork to make them fit together. Super idea to add “coping strips” and the red and black plaid works so well. Now that you have brought the error to light I wonder how many other Quilters will remember their UFO tucked away after suffering the same frustration as you? So pleased for you that your maths ability came to the rescue and that you have completed a delightful flimsy. I LOVE the cherry fabric!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I hope you love this quilt, in spite of the frustration, because I sure do! The stripey tulips and patchwork triangles are so pretty. I especially like the way the strip of red plaid you added makes those triangles go out into the edge of the quilt. I'm glad you were able to work it out!

Rosemary said...

I have this book and have been putting off making this quilt ... I still love it but I would want the correction. Do you still have it?

MissPat said...

Wow, so much effort to make this right, but you've done it and now it is moving on it's way forward. I'm surprised Kathy Doughty hasn't put the correction on her website. I actually have the book here from the library and think I'll at least put a note in it that the cutting directions are incorrect for the background pieces. I had this happen with one of my very first quilt made for my nephew. I had cut all the pieces first and the background pieces were too small. Of course, I knew it as soon as I pieced the first block and can't remember if I had enough fabric to recut them or if I had to switch backgrounds. He's 25 now, so it's been awhile and I don't cut all my pieces now until I try a block.

Quilter Kathy said...

Wow I love the modifications you made to get everything together... it made the quilt even more wonderful!

Louise said...

And here I was thinking how interesting that the patchwork triangles extended into the plaid border! Just goes to show that the fix is sometimes better than the original, but often more frustrating, too. That pink background reminds me of strawberry ice cream :)

---"Love" said...

While scrolling down to look at the pictures before actually reading the blog, I thought that quilt looked a little complicated. Then I read about all the trouble you had with the pattern! You made a remarkable recovery! I always like to make one block before cutting everything, just to be sure it will all go together well. I never thought about a pattern having an error, but now we know it can happen, don't we? ---"Love"

Sally Trude said...

Wow. Quite beautiful. I'm wondering if you shouldn't put the label "Errata" on the book and call your quilt Tulipa Terrifica.

Pamela Arbour said...

Oh my! That quilt looked tedious to begin with and then to have pattern issues. As always, you did a fabulous job of getting it finished and no one will ever know the difficulty you had.

mangozz said...

This quilt is really beautiful! I love the pink background fabric and the red plaid looks good along the outside. You must be so happy to get this one done.

gayle said...

Gorgeous (and triumphant!) finish! That outer plaid border adds so much to the quilt!
And good for you for persevering!

Ann said...

A lovely top and your outer dark red plaid border makes it stronger. You have a wonderful top. I hope you are finishing it for yourself.
I've been thinking about string tulips for a while. Audrey made one a few years ago. And we know I have lots of string.

nestki said...

Brilliant! Hi

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

Great finish Cathy. I am glad you didn't give up.

Cathy said...

It’s turned into a fabulous quilt, and I especially love patchwork extending out into the red. It looks intentional - and it’s really eye-catching. Way to go!!

Emily said...

Way to persevere and get it figured out! I love it! Great colors against that pink background, and I like the red accents.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I love this quilt. That red plaid is a great touch. You recovered nicely from that pattern error. Would have been a mess for a new quilter.
xx, Carol