Thursday, April 11, 2019

Q2 Finish-Along Goals

1. Triangle Tiles  - will hand quilt. Need to find backing and decide on thread first. 
2. Vintage Thingamajigs - currently in the hoop getting some big stitching. 
3. Rosebuds - ok, ok...this keeps getting on the lists but never gets done. I hope it will this quarter. It's a monster! I'll try machine quilting. 
4. Black, White and Read All Over 
5. Scared Shirtless
6. The Blues
7. Butterflies
8. Depression Blocks
9. Log Cabin
10. Crumby Yummies Candy
11. In a Heartbeat
12. Sunshine Round Robin
13. Leftovers

14. ONE Crumb Star. I finished the other last quarter. 

15. Chameleons, Lizards and Frogs...Oh, My!
16. Log Cabins in the Woods
17. Red and Blues

18. Happy Butterflies. It's the middle one. The other two were finished last quarter. 
19. Peppa and Friends baby quilt. 

20. Tip Top baby quilt.

21, 22, 23 -- Off  Center Framed Squares (Mendota) quilts.  Sunshine Online Quilt Guild members will be making these quilts at a retreat in Mendota. I hope to make three sewing along from home. I have almost enough blocks made for three quilts. 

Guess I better get cracking!

Q2 Finish-Along


Linda said...

Will you pick a number to see which one to tackle first? The Roses one looks really pretty.

Pamela Arbour said...

WOW! Impressive as always. I think of you often while I am working on my menial blocks! LOL

Louise said...

It's a very good list! I know you will tackle quite a bit, if not all, of it :)

MissPat said...

Wow! that's a lot of backings to find. I have no doubt you'll put a big dent in this list.

Ann said...

A lovely long list. So many quilt tops. I've always liked quilts like Triangle Tiles. Then Thingamajigs has the perfect vintage feel. And Rosebuds are a glorious combinations of soft and bright pinks with grey. The Blues always looks like stained glass. Oh, you will have fun this quarter.

Quilter Kathy said...

That's one amazing quilt show right there!
Love the "scared shirtless" name!
I'm sure you will have a blast working on all of these spectacular quilts!

Nann said...

All of those in three months? If anyone can do it, you can! (And meanwhile you will create at least a half dozen more scrappy beauties.) I like the names you give your quilts.

Kaja said...

Lots of goodies here (and more quilts than I make in a decade!) Thingamajigs is a favourite, as are those little butterflies. Good luck working your way through the list. :-)

gayle said...

I do love those monster rosebuds!

Mystic Quilter said...

WOW - heaps of beautiful eye candy!!! You certainly have an amazing collection of colourful quilt tops to finish - I shall look forward to seeing these all finished!