Thursday, June 7, 2018

Summer Reading

This month's Block Lotto block is a book block designed by Nann who blogs at With Strings Attached. 

They are quick and easy to make. My biggest problem is that I am sorely lacking in light/medium low volume blues required for the background.  I found a little piece enough for three blocks in with my patriotic fabrics and that's about all I can find.  So I have three for the drawing. 

Nann asked me to test the pattern and so I used gray for the background so I think I will make one myself with gray backgrounds.  I still haven't put away the school themed fabrics I had out when I made a school of fish quilt top so I guess I see some school books in my future. 


Linda said...

Great blocks, lots of pieces in each one ( I checked the pattern). So, you are out of solid blues??? Time to go shopping? No, you've swapped from blue to grey backgrounds! Clever lady.

Sally Trude said...

Those books are fantastic. Oh dear.

Janie said...

That block will eat up scraps!
They look a bit like butterflies. I've been noticing butterflies
on my walks lately, so that's what I have on my mind.

Louise said...

Hm, tempting! I don't have much light low volume blue, either, though. Best to just enjoy your gray background ones as they unfold :)

Emily said...

Cute block! These look great!