Monday, June 25, 2018

Gifts for the Twenty-Fifth

 When it's too hot to hand quilt a big quilt I work on smaller things. 
I made a couple of gift sets that include a hot pad, embroidered towel and crocheted dish cloth. 
I like to have a box of things ready for Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers. 
Another view with the other side of the hot pads. 
I use Insulbrite in the hotpads along with some scraps of cotton flannel or old towel. 


Connie said...

These are top notch gifts. Your friends and family must look very forward to unwrapping your handmade delights.
I especially like the embroidery.
Happy stitching!
Connie :)

Louise said...

I like the pitcher and her entourage of drinking glasses :)