Saturday, April 9, 2016

Finish-A-Long Quarter 2 Goals

It's time to declare some goals for the second quarter of Finish-A-Long.  Last quarter I finished up 6 out of my 14 goals but I did get farther along on some goals I'm carrying over to this quarter.  I probably would have finished more if I did more FMQ instead of hand quilting but I do love hand quilting. 

1.  Rolling Stones (birthday blocks) - have enough blocks for a quilt and I didn't make any of them. I'm thinking I'll add a thin cream sashing.  

2. Dresdens - have enough blocks for a quilt.

3. Twinklers - have enough blocks for a quilt.

4. Kaleidoscopes - have enough blocks for a quilt. 

5. STARZ - have enough blocks for a top.

6. Feathers - it's a top. Needs some hand quilting. 

7. Pale strings - pieced batting and backing ready. Needs pin basting and FMQ.

8. Happy Butterflies - batting and backing is pieced. Needs pin basting and FMQ. 

9. Butterflies - Can't decide whether to hand or machine quilt. 

10. Mystery - really, really, really old mystery quilt needs some quilting so it can be donated. 

11. Velveteen Rabbit.   Ready for some hand quilting. 

12. Butterfly Garden - in the hoop. 

13. Vintage Tulips - It's just waiting for some hand quilting. 

14. String Star - have all star points made. 

15. Wild Kingdom Jacob's Ladder - Need more blocks. 

16.  Fractured - leftover fabric pieces from Petunias leftover from Pickle Dish. Need more blocks. 

17. Flying Geese - leftover fabric pieces from Vintage Spin. Not sure of layout. 

18. Patriotic Chunky Churn Dashes - need more blocks for Quilt of Valor. 

19. One of my granddaughters has an obsession with hats so for Christmas I'm going to crochet her a box of hats. My other granddaughter will probably want the same. 

20. Crochet hat

21.  Crochet hat - reflective yarn! This is the one Isabelle picked out of the book as her fav.  And I guessed it would be her fav.

22. And I still haven't made that darned purse! 

I have high hopes. High apple-pie-in-the-sky hopes. 

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Rebecca in AK said...

Thank you for the wonderful quilt show! You are working on so many fantastic projects!

gayle said...

That is a jaw-dropping to-do list!
(I can't wait to see what you do next. With that crowd of blocks/tops, I know it will be grand!)

gayle said...

Oh, and thanks heaps for the damn earworm...
/now humming "Ooops, there goes another rubber tree"

Linda said...

Gosh, what an amazing list of projects to finish! They are all beautiful - I am drooling over the Dresden blocks especially! So many on your list are almost finished too. Good luck with finishing some of them this quarter.

Lisa in Port Hope said...

Such a great variety of beautiful things. Good luck, remember that the tortoise won the race.

Kaja said...

My head is spinning! As I try to think about how I keep track of projects, I read your list and feel like I should just get on with it - what an amazing collection of projects.