Saturday, April 30, 2016

Marginalia: A Quilty 365 Project

I've been making daily circles (and HSTs) since November 4. 
This month I have fallen woefully behind although I do have circles prepped through today, April 30. 

We've planted lots of seeds inside under lights (tomatoes, peppers, brassicas, flowers) and they have been transplanted and are hardening off.  Lots of flowers (tulips, lilacs, bleeding heart, bluebells) are blooming.  Spinach, lettuce, sugarsnap peas, potatoes and radishes are planted outside and have sprouted. 

My daughter-in-law had hernia surgery so I've been helping her out. My husband has an infection in his mouth where a tooth was pulled a couple of months ago that will not heal because he had so much radiation in the past when he had cancer. He's miserable but doesn't want to go through daily hyperbaric treatments again like he did last year.  So I've been doing a lot of the chores (like make dinner and do laundry) that he usually does (he's retired, I'm not) because he doesn't feel well. 

 I finished reading "The Pecan Man"  (good book) by Cassie Dandridge.  

And we finally replaced our pop up camper with a new one complete with bathroom.  The grandkids have already slept out in it in our backyard and had fun. 

And I finished a couple of quilts. 

Luckily I keep track of daily events to portray in fabric on pieces of scrap paper.  Hopefully I will find time to play catch up in May. 

I need to start putting circles together soon because I want to keep them in order. I will lay them out 18 x 21.  But first I need to make some circles with letters. 

Every month it's fun to see everyone's circles. I love the variety. 


Quilting Babcia said...

I love your veggie fabrics, looks like our garden. You have amassed a wonderful variety of novelty fabrics for this project. I hope your hubby recovers soon, that sounds very painful.

Paulette said...

What a cool thing to add a little note with the date on each one! They look great! Hope your husband's mouth gets better soon. Oral infections are nothing to mess around with.

Quilter Kathy said...

Just love your project... love the idea of circles with letters... can't wait to see!
Take good care of yourself with all this extra work you are doing.

Gisele said...

Love how your project has evolved into a visual diary of your year!

Carli The Quilter said...

Beautiful idea for your circles. I'm suddenly down with vertigo. I can actually use my phone this time. Get well soon to your hubby and hang in there with the chores.

audrey said...

Yours in always one of my favorites.:) Love those fussy cut, interesting circles!

Kaja said...

One of my favourites too. I like the little notes round the edges and somehow the more of them there are, the more impact they have. I keen to see where you take this - circles with letters?