Monday, April 18, 2016

I Never Promised You a Rose Garden But I Promised Myself One

I LOVE Roses....especially the old fashioned kind that have such a wonderful fragrance and are winter hardy in these parts...the kind of roses the deer and rabbits like to eat down to the ground...the kind that stick to your fingers, hair, clothes...yes, I LOVE the roses in my garden. 

This is one of the ways I chose to use some of the rose fabrics I've been  hoarding  collecting for years.  This is a 12 inch block called Rosebud.  With these 12 blocks I think that brings my total to 42.  I think I want 56 blocks for a 7 x 8 layout...a nice big quilt.   I have used rose themed fabrics for the background and made the rosebud part of the block out of solids in a variety of colors of roses. 

But now that I'm getting close to the number of blocks I think I need I'm not really liking how they all look together - colors and values are all over the place.  Maybe I need a garden path...or an alternate block... or some birds...Hmmm...maybe I'll just continue on and make the other fourteen blocks (fabrics are selected and partially cut) and then think about it. Maybe I'll end up with two big quilts. Maybe I'll...who knows?...combine it with the other rose themed fabric UFO that's really old? 

At any rate...It's Monday and I'm kind of moving this UFO forward so that means I should probably link up to Moving it Forward Monday at Em's Scrapbag


gayle said...

You need leaves in the sashing. Or maybe thorns...
I love your rosy blocks! Whatever you do with them, they'll make a lovely quilt. (Or quilts.) 8)

Anonymous said...

found your blog on em's scrapbag.
I really like your rose fabric.
Take your blocks to a quilting store or some place
like Joanns. Put them on bolts of material.
something will pull all of them together.
Plus if you do this, it will be FUN.
Kathleen Mary

Quiltdivajulie said...

This reminds me of an English country garden with masses of flowers all jumbled together - carefree and colorful.

Monica said...

I don't know, I feel like you should try to lay them all out together before you switch gears. You can alternate values like you did in one photo. Or, set them on point!

Anyway, you're on schedule, so way to go!

em's scrapbag said...

I think a sashing could pull them all together. I'd audition different fabrics between the blocks.

Ann said...

I've always liked this rosebud block. So pretty with your many rose fabrics. There are several good ideas here for working these blocks. I'd consider sashing them with HSTs of greens (leaves or thorns) and IDK for the border. You could even offset the block so the sashing would look more vine-like. Have fun and show us what you choose. I'm sure it will be great.

Vic in NH said...

I'm late to the party but I love the hodgepodge of all of them together in chaos. The rosebud shape is very graphic and defined by the solid color, so I think that that alone will impose order on the quilt. Besides, sashing is for sissies, right? LOL!

Kaja said...

I like them together, like the ideas for separating them. You'll come up with the best solution. Old fashioned roses are my second favourite flowers - all those lovely heady smells.