Friday, January 27, 2012

Heavenly Garden

I participated in an angel themed rr over on CQI yahoo group. This is the last block I had to stitch on and it belongs to Joyce. She had the cross stitched angel on the block when I received it. I really had a difficult time thinking of what to do on this block but finally decided to do all stitching in white and gold, to add lots of stars to kind of keep with the angel theme and to add some flowers since that flower trim was on the block when I received it.  I really didn't like that blue sparkly plastic strip below the angel motif and it bothered me when I thought I was finished with my stitching. I finally decided to tone it down with some white feather stitch with cast on flowers. If I had thought of it to begin with I would have trailed some gold soutache like I had around the rest of the cross stitch over that blue but I didn't know it was so pliable and I could stitch through it until the end.  So, anyway...I hope I have some stars and flowers fit for an angel. 

And now I can't wait to get all my blocks home!     

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Laurie said...

and you did a beautiful job of it Cathy. I think your choices were perfect, and can't wait to get my blocks home also!!