Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Crazy Basket Case - Jan CQJP 2012 Project

I'm working on a lap quilt for my CQJP 2012 Project. My goals:
1. Mostly red and white for colors.
2. No duplicate seam treatments (I hope)
3. All must be washable
4. Hopefully two baskets per block

Basket 1 is a sane block I had sitting around and well...the gingham is not exactly straight. I started to do some chicken scratch across the top and...ooops...the second row in red is a new to me "crow's foot". It is so small following the teeny, tiny gingham as a stitch guide that I'm going to try to do this on something in a bigger format. I like those crow's feet on the old aprons from the 30s.

Some different seams and I used I strand of metallic and one strand of DMC for the butterfly and did a wrapped chain for the curvy seam with lazy daisy inside. The other seam is herringbone with variegated thread to make a little "flower" inside the "v" that doesn't really show up in this picture.

And basket 2 is being carried by a fashionable bunny - a transfer I had in my collection that doesn't transfer anymore! Seam is buttonhole and french knots.

And that's my CQJP January block and one block out of 24-30 for a lap quilt. Hope I'm not a crazy basket case by the time it is completed.

To see what everyone else who joined the project is doing check out the CQJP 2012 blog

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Nima said...

wow..lovely cq block..