Thursday, September 29, 2022

September Blues Part IV

Zip Blocks
6 x 9 finished

Light blue is the Rainbow Scrap Challenge (RSC) color for September.
I finished up the last of my blue Zip blocks. I now have 42 blocks that I will set 7 x 6 for a child sized donation quilt. 

And then I used up all the 2 inch scraps left over after I made the Zip blocks.  I cut the QST (Quarter Square Triangle) pieces with an Easy Angle Companion ruler. The beginning and end of the 2 inch pieces were cut into HSTs with the Easy Angle ruler.   I made Four Patch QSTs that I will use as an alternate block with Four Patches I made last year.  With the HSTs I made some Broken Dishes blocks that finish at 3 inches.  I also cut some HSTs with the Easy angle ruler to use as the corners on the Indian Hatchet blocks that finish at 4 inches. 

I also made a few 3 inch Bow Tie blocks. I think I have over 450 Bow Ties in my collection now. 

Then I cut 2 inch squares for the Parts Dept. --- a pile with 4 squares the same, a pile with 2 squares the same and single squares. 

Then anything less than a 2 inch square but greater than 1/2 inch was sewn into a Chinese Coins strip. 

And sew on...

fyi - I'm going to be away for a few days. 



swooze said...

Wow so many great quilts and blocks as always!

Linda Swanekamp said...

All the blocks have a subtle beauty due to the beautiful coloration and values you chose.

Nann said...

The effect of seeing different blocks but all in the same color is subtly powerful. (Are all your zippers made with print-and-solid? I know that's how Lynn D made hers.)