Thursday, September 15, 2022

Scrap Processing: 2 Inch Pieces

Indian Hatchets
4 inch finished blocks
inspired by a vintage quilt

I recently received a very large box of very small scraps from a quilty friend. I immediately started sorting and making blocks to add to my different collections of small blocks. The first scraps I pulled were what looked like at least 2 inch or a little bit wider but less than 2.5 inches width pieces - some long, some short. 

The Indian Hatchet blocks use four 2.5 inch squares in addition to 2 inch pieces. The four 2.5 inch squares I had previously cut and had ready in a parts box.   For the Indian Hatchet corners I sometimes use 2 inch squares but sometimes I also cut triangles with an Easy Angle ruler. 

Sometimes they end up a little wonky but I'm all right with that - wonky or not they are cute little blocks. 

Zip Blocks
6 x 9 inch finished

Bow Ties
3 inch finished

I think I have over 400 of these now. 

Four Patch QSTs
QSTs finish at 3 inches and Four Patch QST finishes at 6 inches. They will be an alternate block for Four Patch blocks made last year. 

I cut the QSTs from 2 inch width strips and use an Easy Angle Companion ruler. Rather than waste the beginning and end of the 2 inch width piece I cut an HST at beginning and end of the strip with the Easy Angle ruler. I've been turning those HSTs into little Broken Dishes blocks that finish at 3 inches. 

2 Inch Squares

After I make all those blocks any leftovers get cut into 2 inch squares for the Parts Department. (Yes, I need a new cutting mat. Look at those grooves. Groovy, in this case, is not a good thing). 

And, if there is a piece less than a 2 inch square and at least 1/2 inch wide then it gets sewn into strips for a future Chinese Coins quilt. 

And sew on...

I think the 2.5 inch pieces will be processed next. Or maybe the 1.5 inch pieces. Time will tell. There's a few other things going on in the sewing space in addition to scrap processing. 



Linda said...

What a scrap managing programme you have going! How lovely to receive a box of small scraps.

Sharon Kwilter said...

Wow, you are so diligent about using your tiny scraps. Too many of mine end up in the bin.

mangozz said...

So many projects going on! Isn't it fun playing with someone else's scraps?

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

Nothing goes to waste! I love it. Lots of future great scrap quilts in the works. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!