Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Why and How? I Don't Know!

This is my work on Lisa's Autumn block and the last in this RR. I wish I could give good tips, tutorials or instructions on what I do but actually I don't give the process any conscious thought. Sorry. My job demands detailed and logical thinking so when I get home I want mindless activities. When I first get a set of blocks in the mail I "ooooow" and "awwww" over all that has been done before me and then read the booklet of likes and dislikes. Then I look through all the blank blocks looking for one that jumps out at me. Sometimes none of them do so I put them back in the bag for a few days. After I have chosen a block I know exactly what I am going to do but most times I don't. In this case Lisa had a lot of textured fabrics in her block so I guess I thought I needed some texture in my stitching. My next step was to look through some of my embroidery books for some Autumn appearing motifs.  I found the one on top right and stitched it on to the fabric. I like variegated threads to used some brown variegated DMC and some sage colored thread for the leaves. When that was complete I looked for another motif for the other corner. I found one that I thought would look good with bullions and this time used brown and coral threads for the flowers but used a variegated thread for the stems and leaves. Then I thought the middle needed filling and since Lisa mentioned in her booklet that she liked vines I meandered a stem stitch vine in gold through the blank spaces, added some leaves here and there and then added  kiko flower stitches in either a variegated white and a variegated pale yellow  here and there. So, I guess some might say that the vine now leads your eye off the block and I probably should not have done so or some might say that the gold vine doesn't match the other colors of the block or some might say the whole thing looks like crap. But I really don't think of such things. I don't understand such things. I'm mindless.


Cathy K said...

Cathy, it’s a gorgeous block and your stitching is divine! I’m glad you have to wait sometimes (like the rest of us!) to finally select the block that speaks to you. You work quickly but never fail to turn out beauty! I love your motif selection, and the block is balanced ... it’s perfect! :-) It was interesting to hear how you approach a block. Hugs, Cathy

Whytefeather said...

I think it turned out beautifully! I'm still pretty new to CQ, but I don't think the vines lead you off the block. With the lighter color of them, they make a lovely filler in between the two main motifs that really pop. I absolutely love your bullion flowers!

Lisa said...

I love it! Received the blocks a few days ago and can't wait to finish my block so I can create something with all of them! Thanks for your beautiful work!