Friday, February 25, 2011

Baby Blankies

For my niece and husband's new baby, Wyatt, born Feb. 3. It's supposed to look like puzzle pieces, the black ones being empty places where a piece has not been put in. I still have to put a label on the back and wash it so it's nice and soft before I mail it off to Tennessee.

And since I managed to get one for Wyatt finished I thought I better finish one up for Nola, Wyatt's cousin, who was born last year some time that I can't remember without looking it up in the family tree. Nola is my nephew and wife's daughter. This will go to Tennessee too. And some day I will get there to see the babies, hopefully before they are all grown up. Both babies are my brother's grandkids. The other, Liam, is over in Germany with his parents. My nephew, Liam's dad, is in the army. And I have met little Liam who turned two in January. But, I haven't given him a blanket yet. I think he will get an I Spy quilt or a Bug Jar quilt when I get my butt in gear.

And, that's the family tree lesson for today.

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