Saturday, February 5, 2011

Farmer's Wife Sampler Blocks. Do They Look Gay?

I'm finally posting the Farmer's Wife Sampler blocks I made last weekend. I seem to be picking the easy blocks to make first and saving the more difficult for last which is against my nature. I usually tackle the hard chores before the easier ones, eat the foods on my plate less desireable before I get the potatoes or bread (my favs).

Anyway, the last blocks I made seemed to be getting too orangey. I am not a fan of orange so don't know how so much of it ended up in my 30s reproduction stash. Some things just happen. So, last weekend I used more purples. This block is called "Calico Puzzle." I wonder why but am not so interested as to go find out.

This block is called "Contrary Wife". There was no "Contrary Husband" to go with it in the FW Sampler book but I know there is probably one out there somewhere. Again, who names these things?

And this is a "Friendship Star".

Did I mention I am using 30s reproductions in memory of Grandma and her quilts? She would have called my blocks gay. Are they?

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