Sunday, February 6, 2011

Crazy Stuff I Did During the Winter Blizzard

It's snowing again. The older I get the more I don't appreciate the snow. When the seed catalogs start arriving I yearn for Spring. My seeds are ordered so I will be starting them soon under lights indoors. Meanwhile, I used the latest "snow days" off work to catch up on some RRs, etc.
One of the ladies with one of the Yahoo Groups just suffered a heart attack. Lots of women decided to give her a "Hearts and Flowers" shower. Make a 8.5 (unfinished) block and partially embellish and send. Within the next couple of days it will go off to Marilynne who is recuperating now, thank goodness.

This is my stitching on Gerry's "Seamwork only" block. My seams meander out into the patches. Gerry asked for flowers incorporated into her seams so she got them. I know she likes daffodils and hummingbirds so That's what she got. She's going to make a jacket with her blocks. I think I have the same pattern from the 70s.

And, I was thinking Spring when I stitched on Helina's block for the Spring RR. There is not enough contrast in the picture to see the white silk ribbon flowers that meander up in the upper right corner. And I had a hard time finding a green to make the fern on the swirly green/white patch so used a yellow green. I love forget-me-nots so you will notice both Gerry's block above and Helina's here have them. I think I may repeat them a few more times on other blocks I have sitting here on my dining room table.

And, tomorrow, it's back off to work, through the snow and the cold and wondering how many years before retirement. When I retire I will be a hermit, sewing and gardening and reading my days away.

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