Friday, January 28, 2011

Hopefully Winter

The big middle section of wool with pile was very difficult for me to stitch anything on. Everything seemed to get lost in it. So, I added things that would stay on the surface - a button with straight stitch and bullions hopefully looks like a snowflake, the white silk ribbon flower hopefully looks like a white poinsettia and finally, I made a ribbon streamer with bells that actually make a tiny jingling sound. The embroidered snowman has a rounded button on the ground near him that hopefully looks like a snowball. And, next to that is some angora snow with some evergreen trees growing out of it. You can't really see it but the feather stitch has some sparkly beads attached that hopefully look like ice and the sky-looking patch has what hopefully looks like twinkly snowflakes and stars. This is for a Winter RR so hopefully Meg likes it. And hopefully Winter here will be over soon.

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Cathy K said...

You did a totally awesome job on this block! I LOVE the button snowflake, the sequin snow and the trees. Heck, I love it all! You go, girl! Hugs, Cathy