Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sick and Tired and Crazy

As I mentioned yesterday I have been drinking Pepto Bismol cocktails, doing the bathroom dash and taking catnaps the last few days. I hope an end to the misery is here soon. The stomach cramps are horrible. I haven't been sick in years. I'm thinking it comes from having two granddaughters who started school this year. Otherwise I don't know where the cooties came from. In between I have managed to go a little crazy and get some stitching done.
"For the Birds" DYB (Do Your Block) for Cathy K. This block made me laugh when I first saw it. I think the birds were searching for a statue down below; however, all I could manage was a cat who is oblivious to the birds since he is chasing a butterfly.

And this is my work on Lorrie's "Spring has Sprung" DYB. Fans and butterflies and roses seem pretty Spring like to me. I can't wait for my garden to show signs of the same.

And, finally, my work on Margreet's Summer DYB. I guess I keep dreaming of butterflies and roses.

Margreet included a button with each block and requested us to use it on the block we stitched. I think it is fun to see how everyone uses the button.

Here is what Beryl did with it.

And below is how Ritva used the button. Sorry, the flash makes it look yellowish but it's not.

And below is what I did with the button. I added a crocheted flower under it and drizzle stitch through the button holes.

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