Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Love a Good Mystery

If I had seen a picture and pattern of this quilt before I started I would have told myself there were too many triangles, too many little pieces, too much cutting and that in no way did pink, red, green and brown look good together. I never would have made it.

But...since I didn't know what was in store for me when I decided to follow along with a Quiltville mystery here I am between clues 6 and 7 and thrilled with how things are turning out and how this quilt is starting to look and how many scraps I have used up. I also found I could make a quilt with lots of pieces, lots of triangles, lots of cutting and like it. Even during the busy Christmas season I could not wait to get the next clue (set of instructions).

I didn't think I would even like a mystery quilt until I tried it this summer when I tried two different mysteries on a couple of yahoo groups I belong to. They turned out just fine (well, they are still UFOs - just tops) but they turned out blocks with all the same fabrics and didn't use up any of my scraps. When I saw a scrappy mystery I jumped at the chance.

Ugh...I hate to iron but it must be done.

Several blocks so far. I didn't realize I had so many polka dot scraps. I don't even like polka dots! More on progress of this quilt later. I hope to finish up soon.

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