Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Seams Only for Helina

This was a block from an RR where you are only supposed to embellish the seams. I first added lace to each seam mainly because I love lace, have lots of it from thrift store finds and yet rarely use it.  Then since Helina requested a flower theme I gave her some flowers along the lace seams - rosebuds, pansies, and other fantasy flowers. And finally, I added a tatted butterfly along a very short seam.

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Diane said...

Hi Cathy, I've just spent half of the morning browsing through your blog. It's funny, we've worked on quite a few RRs together, but I'd not discovered your blog until now. Your work is lovely. Your little croched motifs and embroidery really add so much. I also do a bit of sane quilting and just discovered paper piecing half square triangles, and I have a UFO hanky quilt that I don't know how to finish!