Sunday, January 3, 2010

Other Handmade Gifts of '09

Amulet Bags

This year I made a few amulet bags for friends. I still have a few unfinished in my sewing basket but will get them completed in due time. One went to a friend for her birthday and the other went to a friend who works for me and is battling a rare form of cancer.  I included cards with each that read:

Amulet bags are designed to be a personal totem, dispelling negativity and carrying positive energy for whenever it is needed. It is intended for personal enhancement.

Your bag is filled with:

An eraser so you can make all your mistakes disappear.
A penny so you'll never be entirely broke.
A marble in case someone says you lost all yours.
A rubber band to hold it all together and to stretch yourself beyond your limits.
A string to keep you connected.
A safety pin for safety's sake.
A band-aid to patch up all the little dings and dents to your spirit.
Hugs (candy) to remind you that someone cares.


I have a friend who is likes black-americana so I embroidered her some dishtowels with some 30s motifs of a little black girl and kitten. I thought they turned out cute. I guess I will make her the rest of the days of the week some other time or I will have to teach her how to embroider so she can do the rest herself. To tell you the truth, I think it would be easier just to finish the rest of the days myself. (No offense, Marsha)!


I have picked up several sets of stamped pillowcases to embroider from the thrift store. I always wonder why people buy the sets and never finish them. I completed this set but haven't given them away yet. I put them in the box for someone for 2010.


I made several pincushions for my friends who sew. This pattern was a quickie! (I received an exquisite pincushion too but haven't taken a picture yet).


I made lots of "patchwork" ornaments for stocking stuffers and gifts. Here are a few of them I managed to snap before I gave them away. They are easier to make than they look. All you need are a few 2 inch squares, a 3 inch styrofoam ball, lots of pins, a little ribbon and glue, a little ruler and time. This was my first year making them and I think I will start on more for next year's stockings.

...and for the Granddaughters...

I made some topsy-turvy dolls from a 1930s pattern. I was waiting to see how the girls liked them before I made more. I have patterns for Cinderella (ball gown/rags) and Red Riding Hood/Wolf/Grandma dolls and the girls may get them next year. One of the GDs carried hers around most of Christmas day so I know it was well received. I made some doll blankets out of 1930 reproduction fabric scraps to go with the dolls and didn't take a picture of them, darn it!

I got both of the GDs an easy bake oven so I thought a homemade chef's hat and apron, cookie cutters and their own rolling pin, tinkerbelle cup cake papers, a bin would be an appropriate gift. I was going to embroider their names on the hats but just didn't get around to it.