Sunday, January 17, 2010

Crazy Quilt Fairies

I've joined a couple of Round Robins over on CQI yahoo group.  I will send my six fairy blocks around to several ladies in the group and they will each pick one to embellish. And I will pick one of each one of their fairy blocks to embellish.  This was my first set sent out before Christmas. I have Tulip Fairy, Pansy Fairy, Cherry Fairy, Dandelion Fairy, Daffodil Fairy and Clover Fairy. You will find all of these in my garden.

I have embellished two blocks so far with this group of ladies. The first was a Lavender Fairy for Lauri and the second is a Willow Tree Fairy I finished for Rita.

And now I have joined another group of ladies for more fairy fun. I love fairies - I have fairy music boxes, a fairy garden, fairy lamps, fairy cross stitch. I have a third set of fairy blocks that I will embellish all myself. And when all is said and done I hope to have a fairy crazy quilt.

Next set to be sent off:

Iris Fairy, Wild Rose Fairy, Rose Fairy, Poppy Fairy, Sweet Pea Fairy, Strawberry Fairy. They represent some of the favorite flowers of my garden.

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