Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Few Christmas '09 Quilts

I know I haven't blogged for quite some time. Hopefully I will do better in 2010 since I want to export everything from this blog into a journal at the end of the year. I will catch up first with some of the quilts I made in '09 for Christmas gifts.

My husband is a hobby winemaker. We make wine from fruit grown on our small acreage - grape, blackberry, pear, raspberry, rhubarb and various combinations. So, for Christmas I made him a lap quilt celebrating wine.

For my youngest son and his girlfriend I made a "holiday quilt" to match the 12 sets of holiday pillowcases I made for them last year. I didn't get a picture of them with it at Christmas.

My oldest son and his girlfriend received an "aquarium windows" quilt. I am not sure if you can tell from the photo, but each square has some kind of fish and the squares are then surrounded by a light blue fabric that looks like bubbles in water. I quilted it with wavy lines. They have several aquariums so thought it was appropriate.

For my daughter and son-in-law I made a "turning twenty" quilt which uses 20 fat quarters. I found novelty fabrics that represent all the hobbies they have - mushroom hunting, fishing, camping, wild berry gathering, hiking, etc. It's a queen size. They had been nagging me for quite some time for a quilt for their bed. Now I wonder what they will nag about! Of course they refused to get into the picture also.

The granddaughters - two of them, aged 5 - each received an "I Spy" quilt in a snowball pattern. One in purple, the other in pink - favorite colors of theirs. We play a more advanced form of "I Spy" - find a vegetable, find something that can be eatend for dessert, find something that rises, find something that lives in a desert.

I also made a Christmas quilt for each of the granddaughters to sleep under when they visit grandma during the holidays. One is a Christmas Sampler and the other is a Christmas Delectable Mountains.

Evidently they stay cozy dressed for bed in their choice of Grandpa's T-shirts and  bundled in their Christmas quilts. Little brother wanted to get in on the action too but Grandma hasn't made him another quilt since he was born 10 months ago.

And finally, I suprised one of my brothers who came to visit (all the way from sunny FL to frigid IA) with a jar quilt. I thought it appropriate since he's a chef.

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