Sunday, January 24, 2010

CQI Challenge

I do like a challenge. This is a year long challenge over on CQI again. These are the blocks (later to be Christmas stockings for the granddaughters) I am starting with. My first challenge is learning to work with "fancy fabrics". I am more comfortable with cottons. I find fancy too slippery too stitch on most times. Both stockings contain some silk from men's ties I picked up at the thrift store. I was glad to find ties with Christmas fabric. The rest of the fancy fabric also came from thrift stores.

The challenge for Jan. is to add fans or curved piecing. I have some curves going on in the blocks themselves and a fan didn't seem appropriate for my stockings so I added what I also considered as curved piecing.

I added some large eyelets to the stockings with some old cross stitch the kids did when they were little. I thought it would be appropriate to add to their children's stockings. I tried to make them look like ornaments. Again, first attempt at eyelets. It was difficult to do with that slippery fabric. I figured if I messed up the patch I could replace it - something I can't do in RRs.

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