Thursday, October 5, 2017

Q4 Finish-Along Goals

It's time to declare goals for Quarter Four of the 2017 Finish-Along. 
I did complete 8 goals last quarter. 

1. String Stars  (aka More Than 3 Sheets to the Wind)
Made from string scraps. Most were strings from quilt backings which were sheets. 
I need to do some big stitch hand quilting on this.  Maybe I need to find a backing too? 

2. Burgoyne Surrounded
I'm thinking I will machine quilt this - maybe with matchstick quilting. 

3. Floribunda - It's already pin basted and needs some machine quilting on my DSM.

4. Over the Rainbow - Needs some big stitch quilting in rainbow colors

5. Rosebuds - Another big one that I'm going to try quilting on my DSM (but I'm scared to tackle). 

 6. Churns and Spools - Needs to be quilted. Another for the DSM? Need to find backing too. 
7. Basket Weaving - Gwennie Inspired Medallion Quilt Along. I need to piece the backing and will probably hand quilt. 

 8. PREPARE - I need to see if I have enough of the backing fabric I've been saving for this for years and then get it quilted. I'm thinking hand quilting. 
 9. Old MacDonald Farm Sampler.  Backing is pieced. I need to pin baste and do some hand quilting. 
10 - 11   I have two of these ABC I Spy baby quilts left to finish.   My Grand nephew Silas was just born and needs his!

12. Really, really, really, really old mystery sampler that is still on the list. 

13.   Wandering Geese - just need to make a few more, make a top, piece a backing and machine quilt it. 

14. Make a couple of potholders to go with the dishtowels I embroidered and dish cloths I crocheted.    I'll probably make several more sets because I give these for Christmas gifts. 

15.  I really need a new purse. I've been making that a goal off and on for several quarters but I REALLY need a new purse. The last one I made and have been using for years is so worn out I can't use it anymore. 

I'm hoping to get a lot finished this quarter since I won't have any gardening to do and I've been retired since March so don't have anywhere to go this winter. I can just hunker down and sew (and bake, spend some time organizing genealogy files, work on scrapbooks, read used books I've accumulated and dream of next year's gardens). 


Linda said...

My mouth was watering as I looked at all those lovely projects you have on the go. You make such gorgeous Quilts and your names for them amuse me too! Hope you manage to make yourself a new purse ( or handbag as we say here in the UK ).

Crystal_235 said...

Lots of beautiful quilts!

Marei said...

Woman! You continue to be a HUUUUUGE inspiration to me. Your color combinations continue to surprise -- and delight -- me. Now, if I could only be half as productive as you I would consider myself "successful".

Ann said...

So many beautiful tops. I hope you finish many of them. I'm not sure what I will get done this quarter.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Loving this display of quilt tops, so inspiring!

mangozz said...

Your lineup of flimsies is impressive! I am constantly amazed at what you manage to accomplish! How do you decide which ones will be hand quilted and which ones done on your DSM?

mangozz said...

I forgot to mention that I love those roosters!

9658 Textiles said...

I love your scrappy quilts.

Angie said...

So much fun to see all these scrappy projects come together! I hope you get to work on the new purse - I love the large print blue chintz-type fabric!

gayle said...

Wowsers!!! And double wowsers!! You make quilt after quilt after gorgeous quilt, and I could just sit here and drool over them all day! (Maybe if I spent less time drooling and more time sewing, I could be productive, too?)
And I love those chickens you embroidered!

Kaja said...

I like your plans for winter - the quilts but also the general hunkering down.