Monday, April 3, 2017

2017 Finish-A-Long: Goals for Second Quarter

It's time to declare goals for Q2 Finish-A-Long.   

I finished 8 out of 22 goals last quarter but brought most of those goals that were not finishes closer to being finished. 

I thought I would get a lot of UFOs finished up this quarter since I retired on Feb. 28   BUT they emailed me the other day from the old place of employment for 30 + years to ask if I would do some contract programming on a project that needs to be finished asap. (I really don't want to but the folks who previously worked for me, my friends, can use a helping hand right now and so I couldn't say no.)  I start work tomorrow.  I can work from home so my goal of becoming a hermit remains intact but now some of my ambitious quilty goals will probably suffer since gardening season here has also started.  Nevertheless...I'm still going to list a lot of goals because it gives me some of my many UFOs to focus on.  Even if I don't complete any of them I usually at least move some UFOs forward. 

1.  Rainbow Dresdens - It's in the hoop and being hand quilted!

2.   On Safari - Miscellaneous Happy Blocks in a safari theme will make a nice donation quilt. 

3.  At Sea - Orphan blocks and some blue scraps will make a nice donation quilt. 

4. 30s Reproduction Chunky Churn Dash - Need more blocks for large on point layout. 

5.   Happy Animals - Need more blocks (from a swap)

6. Coin Toss - Rainbow Chinese Coins from orphans and scraps. AHIQ challenge. 

7. Owls in the Barn Door - Hands2Help Camp Hobe donation

8. Bright and Wild - needs to be quilted for donation

9. Basket, Basket - Needs some hand quilting

10-13 - Four ABC I Spy quilts need to be quilted. I had 5 and finished one last quarter. 

14. Improv Trees

15. Selvage Quilt - need more blocks

16. Velveteen Rabbit - Needs hand quilting

17. Need a few more blocks and perhaps some thorns.

18. Snowflakes - need just a few more blocks

19. Country 9 Patch - a really, really old UFO. It's just blocks right now from a swap. 

20.. I've said it before...I really, really, really need a new purse!


Shauna said...

great list of projects, hope you get lots done!!!

Julierose said...

Super projects in the works; listen, I am making Dresdens--how come your "centers" do not cover the spokes?--is this a different pattern?? i love the greens in that one on the charcoal gray hugs, Julierose

Toni Macomb said...

What a wonderful list! I feel like a slacker. I too love that version of Dresden. So cool! Cheers!

Karen in Breezy Point said...

Wow--you have a lot of goals! I love your Velveteen Rabbits--so cute. Good luck with your finishes!

Emily said...

This is a great list! You always have such fun projects!

Lisa J. said...

What a beautiful group of colourful projects. We have some of that sailboat fabric in our guild stash. You are giving me ideas!

gayle said...

And what will you be working on next week?
I always feel like such a slacker when I see what all you're getting up to...

Quilter Kathy said...

That is quite the list... enough enjoyment for several years to come :)