Saturday, April 1, 2017

Kaleidoscope of Butterflies

In March I made a kaleidoscope of butterflies.

I've been making butterflies (or moths) out of floral fabrics leftover from another project but ran out of those florals so looked for some other florals in my stash.  I didn't realize so many of my florals were from the dark side. 

I modified the Wing It pattern so I could use 3.5 and 4.5 inch scraps and made some red butterflies to join their purple friends. 

I used red waste triangles to make some four inch butterfly blocks. 

And I made one orange paper pieced butterfly because I was one short when I went to assemble my Old MacDonald Farm Sampler earlier in the week.  I don't enjoy paper piecing  - I sew pieces together incorrectly with wrong side up or in the wrong direction or I cut pieces too short (see upper left wing for example where I had to patch the poor butterfly up). 

In other SOWING news - 
No real butterflies here yet but I have started my flower seeds in baggies on the deck. 
I always use the baggie method to start a lot of my flowers each year. 
See the seed lists  for seeds that are best for "winter sowing" and give it a try. 


gayle said...

I love your butterflies! I've got the ghost moth pattern printed off, but haven't started to play yet. (And many thanks for the pattern links!)
That winter sowing is really interesting - thanks for that info, too!

Crystal_235 said...

I love all the butterflies and thank you for the links to the free patterns!!

Julierose said...

Lovely buterflies--especially the flowery ones...hugs, Julierose

Monica said...

I love that Ghost Moth pattern, I hope to get to it someday too. You have a pretty selection here! Do you have a plan for them all?

---"Love" said...

Your florals "from the dark side" have made some beautiful butterflies! ---"Love"

Kaja said...

'Florals from the Dark Side' should be the name of a quilt.

Louise said...

Your collection of butterflies is really growing! I love the variety of shapes, patterns and fabrics.