Monday, October 13, 2014

Choose Your Own BlockAlong. What I Chose.

I'm working on a red/white quilt.  I participated in a red/white 12 inch block swap last year and those blocks have been in my UFO box since then.   When "Choose Your Own Block Along" came along I decided to add some 3,6, and 9 inch blocks to those swapped blocks so I could eventually end up with a Full-Queen sized quilt. 
The fun part each week is picking my own blocks to make and add to the pile.

This week I made four 6 inch blocks. 
Top row is Contrary Wife and Cathy's Campfire.
Bottom row is Buttercup and Anvil. 

Also each week for "Choose Your Own Block Along" I hope to make two 12 inch Star blocks of my choice in 30s reproduction fabrics with a blue background. 

These will be added to my Birthday Club blocks.  Again, I will make blocks each week until I have enough for a Full-Queen Sized quilt.   Depends upon how many 12 inch Star blocks I can find (and am capable of making). 

These blocks are Another Nine Patch Star and Amish Star. 


Quiltdivajulie said...

Another great quilt in the making . . .

Andee said...

I have a red/white quilt on my bucketlist! I really will enjoy watching your blocks progress!

Lisa J. said...

Love the red and white blocks. I also have a red and qhite quilt in the bucket list , I've got all the fabric but have too many irons in the fire to start it yet.