Wednesday, October 1, 2014

PS - I Love You!

I love postage stamps - 1.5 inch little squares of fabric. 
For the past couple of years of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge I've made some 49 patches in rainbow colors and I think I have enough to make a rainbow quilt of my imagination. So I started on that quilt last weekend. 

Why 49 patches?  Because there are 7 colors of the rainbow! 

And I started late last year making these Sunbonnet Sue postage stamp girls after I saw them on the Q is for Quilter blog.   I have 10 girls and need 12 - maybe a gray and a neutral. I've started bordering the blocks now with a row of white and then a row of the girl's color. 

I don't think I'll be a grandmother to any more grandchildren than I already have so I will probably leave this in the hope chest for the first great granddaughter when I actually finish it. 

Last weekend I also made 6 more brown/cream 49 patch blocks.  I think that makes a total of 15 blocks. I want to make a large quilt only in brown/cream.  I think it looks so vintage. 

This is another ps quilt I'm working on with squares that don't fit into any of the above category or with duplicate squares used in other projects.  

I just started this one.  I saw a vintage quilt like this (they called it roman stripe - see below) on Ebay and loved it so decided to make the single 5 strip blocks as part of the rainbow scrap challenge the rest of this year and all next year.  

(Vintage Roman Stripe quilt seen on Ebay). 

I actually swap these little jewels a few times a year with the members of the
We just finished a swap, I received it last week and that's why I was sorting and working on some of the above projects.  I couldn't wait to see and use the 750  little postage stamps I received in the swap. 

And now for the first time I've signed up for a 1.5 inch (and 2.5)  ps swap with The Curious Quilter.  You have until Oct 4 to sign up for this swap.  You can sign up to swap 1.5, 2, or 2.5 squares.  


Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

Yours is the second postage stamp I have seen recently. Is this a trend? LOL I have cut a bunch in the last couple of years and have strings of chained squares draped over a chair in my sewing room. I need to spend more time on it this winter. Thanks for the inspiration. I think mine will be sixteen patches matched up with an alternate block. But time will tell.

Quiltdivajulie said...

I love the variety and the comforting familiarity factors ... Not to mention the colors!!!!!!!

Julierose said...

I love the look of those postage stamp quilts--talk about scrappy! But I find it difficult to motivate myself to sew so many little you know, I have that dreaded 1/4" virus that makes Helga sew either too big or too small you press your seams open or to the sides...(now there's another discussion for another day...!!) hugs, Julierose

Dasha said...

I've watched your progress with these in the RSC, and I just love what you are doing with them. I've made a couple of PS quilts, with 2" squares, and quite enjoyed doing them.

scraphappy said...

So many happy colors. Just love those postage stamps. 49 sounds like a great number to play with.

Mary said...

I love what you are doing with the postage stamp squares, especially the brown and cream and the one pictured below it. You mentioned the size 1 1/2 inch. Is that the beginning square size or the finished size?