Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I Guess Once a Year I Work on This

I made 20 more String Star blocks.
From previous blog posts it looks like I started these blocks in May 2012
 and worked on them again in June 2013. 

I save all my 1.5 inch 30s reproduction scraps and when I get a plastic grocery bag pretty full I feel it's time to get to work on these blocks again.  
I think I counted 148 blocks and I think I need 288 blocks for a quilt 80 x 90.
At this rate I guess it will be a few years before I see a finished quilt. 
Although there are still 30s scraps in the bag I think I'm out of the Kona Spring fabric I've been using for the stars. 


Ellen said...

This is so pretty and will make a gorgeous quilt. The green suits it perfectly and I am sure you will find the perfect substitute if necessary.

Sue G Johnson said...

Those are lovely looking blocks. What a great long term project.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Hmmm, time to scrappy up that single green . . .

Julierose said...

Love that green against the repros...nice...hugs, Julierose

Terri said...

It has that 30s feel, for sure. I don't think it's all the repro prints either... that green says 30s. What will you do for stars now? Will you try for the same color or go way different?
Love it!

Martha said...

I so want to make this string quilt -- it's beautiful, and I love the color of green you selected. It's just such a happy and cheerful quilt.