Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mishmash, Miscellany, Hodgepodge

 Grandkids (ages 8, 8 and 3) were here this weekend and we spent most of our time making cookies and playing games. I did get a little sewing completed, though.  A pair of pillowcases for a Christmas gift.
A couple of grab bags  for the granddaughters to hold their coin purses and manicure sets

 I made 24 string blocks with green centers that need to be trimmed to 9.5 inches. When completed it will be a donation quilt.
 I also dug out some of my civil war fabrics and started making 6 inch churn dash blocks for an upcoming swap.
And I used up some skinny strings left over from the string blocks above to make a different kind of string block - 10 inches in size.  I'm supposed to swap some of these but I'm not sure I will have enough strings left to make a bunch for swapping. I've also done some hand sewing but will save that for tomorrow's post.

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Anonymous said...

What fun those green fabrics are. I love CW and Churn Dash, and those are a great combination. I like the reversed fabric pairs, too.