Friday, December 28, 2012

I Stopped Counting at 73 But There's Probably More in Hiding

 I joined a UFO Challenge with some other ladies on the Stashbusters Yahoo Group.  Hopefully I will finish some quilts in 2013 and use up some of my stash.  In order to join the challenge you have to send in 2 Fat Quarters (FQs) and $1 and  count of UFOs.  I stopped counting at 73 and was shocked I had so many UFOs. I love to join swaps with the various Yahoo groups so that's my downfall and why I have so many quilts started and not finished. Most UFOs are in need of more blocks in order to finish.

Above are blocks from the Black, White and One Other Color 12 inch block swap with the Blockswappers Yahoo Group (No. 5 on my UFO list).  I have 17 blocks from that swap and needed 3 more for a 4x5 layout so that's what I worked on today since I was off work.

 Black, white and pink Box Kite block..., white and orange Rosebud block...
...and black, white and red Bear Paws block.

Now I need to work on the layout, sashing (black,white,black 1-1/2 inch strips) and 3 inch b/w 9 patches that will join the sashing.

The next couple of days I will be working on donation quilts for a Heartstrings sew-a-long and a Quilt of Valor sit-and-sew.


Judy said...

I would be afraid to count my UFO's. Mine are mostly tops that need to be quilted. Good luck!!

LuAnn said...

I thought about counting my UFOs, but I didn't want to get depressed right before the New Year! I have both quilt and yarn projects so I know there will be a lot.

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

I'm right with you on the UFOs and a lot of mine originated from swaps also although I'm quite good at starting my own too... Good luck!

Pattilou said...

Three years ago I joined Stashbusters and it helped so much getting my UFO's done. I now keep my UFO's to a minimum and don't need the challenge any more. It was a great gift while I used it!