Saturday, June 9, 2012

Zen and the Art of Crazy Quilt Embellishment

This is my work on one of the blocks for Lisa with a Vintage Valentine theme. Lisa requested "clean and serene Zen feeling" for her blocks. My life is anything but in Zen mode right now so hope my disconnect between body and mind finds this block kind of Zenish looking.   I used the muted tones in the block which I hope adds to the serenity. The left side has some variegated feather stitch with some variegated leaves. Right side has some variegated brown chain stitching and some gray silk ribbon flowers with variegated pink centers.  To denote balance I added one of those silk ribbon flowers to the left side. And since it's a valentine theme I added a mother of pearl gray heart. But Lisa requested nothing too heavy.  I haven't stitched with a heavy heart. Clean and serene? Zen feeling? The jury is out on that.


Cathy K said...

Your work is lovely, as always, and I think you hit the Zen nail on the head! hugs, Cat K

mtnquiltr said...

Looks so very pretty, lovely work.
Thanks also for the comment on my quilt, your email reply bounces back

Lisa Boni said...

I don't know if I ever told you, but this was my very favorite of all the blocks that came home to me in this round robin! You captured exactly the feeling and look what I was hoping for!

I'm finally finishing up the bell pull that I wanted to make out of these. Hope to blog about it in the next few days!