Friday, June 8, 2012

Does a Midnight Fantasy Really Have to Include Viagra?

Every time I make a post about this Midnight Fantasy RR I'm in I start to get spam messages about all sorts of male member enhancement drugs. The spammers must key off of "midnight fantasy" or some such. I'm here to tell you that not all Midnight Fantasies include drugs but who knows that the silky women here are thinking or what their men are lacking.

At any rate...this is the last of the blocks I need to stitch on in this RR.  Before this arrived Meg, Lorrie and Lynn had their way with the block and left little room for me. Only one seam was left and it was dinky. So, I had to add my stuff here and there.

I added a large pansy up in the corner to offset the large broderie perse flowers Meg had added (and I love). Below that I added some transparent ribbon pansies. It doesn't show well but the bluish ribbon is variegated and the leaves are greenish. Ribbon was 1/4 inch.

And these pansies are made of 5/8 inch ribbon - deep purple and yellow. The flower meaning for pansies is "thoughts" (pense) and again...who knows what those silky women are thinking but how about a pansy for their thoughts.  I added 3 of these to the block. 

This is the itty bitty seam the ladies left for me to embellish. I added a bush of one petaled kiko flower stitches. I love to add together DMC antique effects thread plus DMC. It really does give a sort of antique effect although this photo doesn't show it all that well. The variegated green stems are mixed with gold antique effects and the flowers are a rose colored DMC mixed with a darker rose colored antique effects thread.

I crammed a few more kiko flowers over in a small blank spot on the other side of the block. Flowers have five petals this time and reverse color scheme.

And finally, this side of the silky lady was empty so it only seamed appropriate that I add a few sweetheart roses since that appears to be what silky lady is sniffing while she experiences her midnight fantasy.


Cathy K said...

Your finishing touches to this block are exquisite!! What a lovely block and a GREAT post!! Hugs, Cathy K

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