Thursday, June 28, 2012

Butterflies and Dragonflies

This is my last block I need to stitch on for the Butterflies and Dragonflies RR over on CQI Yahoo Group. Each lady sends around a block and the other ladies embellish it according to theme. This is Meg's block and she mostly wanted dragonflies so I added a beaded turquoise one, an organza and bullion one and a perle #8 one in gold. I also added an organza fluttery butterfly to break up the herringbone seam I added at top. I also added the curvy stem stitched seam with buttonhole flowers.

This is Meg's whole block after several ladies have added their touches.


Cyn ;-) said...

OMWord, Cathy. The block is just gorgeous! You do amazing needlework. I'll bet your friend will totally love it!

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