Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lesson One

So, after we whipped up some pancakes from scratch the guys (grandpa and 3yo Jacob) went off to buy beer and chase wild women (aka pick up tire at Farm and Fleet) and left us girls to our lessons. Isabelle and Kayla (both aged 7) have been begging me to teach them crochet, embroidery, sewing. Here they are trying to make a chain (with no success). It doesn't help when grandma confuses them by showing them how to hold thread when tatting when they are trying to learn crochet. Anyway...after about ten minutes they were ready to move on. 

We were going to start with running stitch and they realized it was a little like doing those "Winnie the Pooh" lacing cards. 

And the thread kept coming out of the needle but surprisingly Isabelle figured out how to thread her own needles. That may come in handy for me! I can hardly see. 
Isabelle stitched away (they ran with the running stitch while I was trying to explain they should try to keep stitch length and spacing kind of even) and her grand finale was what kind of looked like an M in running stitch. Of course...M for Mom. You can't stitch just for practice. You have to have a project in mind! 

Kayla plugged along with her pink (of course) thread and was a little more successful at keeping stitch length and spacing even. 

Kayla said she was stitching a heart. It was a pretty lumpy one. 

They had fun but were ready to go outside and play in their secret hideout after about 45 minutes. 

Lesson two in two weeks when they come to visit again. 

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Gerry Krueger said...

These pictures are just too precious for words... They are both soooooooooooo focused on what they are doing... and a lumpy heart is a good thing... Gerry K.