Saturday, April 21, 2012

I've Been Working on the RRs All the Live Long Week

This is my work on Connie's Be My Vintage Valentine themed block. I added a yoyo heart, a little garden of hearts, rosebuds and flowers like the little girls are holding in the silky. 

This is a bigger block and an RR where everyone works on the same block. The theme for this one is Butterfly and Dragonfly. 

I added a curvy buttonhole flower seam, a buttonhole stitch seam with flowers, bullion roses and one of those 3D butterflies cut from fabric that has a butterfly motif. 

And here's another attempt at a dragonfly - this time silk ribbon and beads. Also made a fluttery butterfly out of layers of fabric and then added some Kiko Flower stitches all around. 

Here's what the block looks like after Candji and I have stitched on it. Kathy did the butterfly embroidery in the middle herself.  I really had a hard time staying with pastels!!! 

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