Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fool's Goldwork

This is my work on Gerry's Fool's Gold themed block. She asked for a Jacobean styled flower. At first I couldn't decide which block to use. I saw so many patterned fabrics that I thought "oh poop" how do I do this! 
So, I decided I had to do some applique work so went off to find a Jacobean flower pattern that wouldn't be too difficult to applique. I couldn't find one in my books that I liked. I finally found one on Mary Corbet's site.  Obviously I changed the butterfly. I thought the one on the pattern was too difficult for me to do nicely and I thought it was ugly anyway but it's probably more in keeping with the Jacobean style than mine. 

I found some cream colored felt in my stash and some different organdy ribbons and silks. Then I stab stitched down the felt and applique shape. Then I couched different cords/threads around the shapes.   Then more embroidery and couching took place on the appliques and in the leaf shapes. I wasn't even going to add a butterfly but it sure was bare up in the corner after I finished the flower there's a butterfly made following the same procedure as the flower. 

One weird thing...that missing thread down that diamond patterned piece bugged me the whole time and my eyes kept going over there. Don't know what to do about that. 

And, the whole thing is more glittery than it looks. 

That's it from this fool! 

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