Friday, October 8, 2010

RR Starts and Finishes

I have just started a "It's Your Turn RR" to make a wallhanging. I chose hearts/valentines as my theme. I began the panel with my own block and will send it on to the other 3 ladies in the group to add a block. And, in turn, they will send their panels on to me to make an addition. The other ladies have themes of Fall, Christmas and Snowmen.

This is Colleen's finished "Lucious Lace" block.  Five ladies have added their beautiful stitching to the block that originated with Colleen.

I cut flowers out of lace and buttonhole stitched them to the block. I also added one of those rose buttons I painted and surrounded it with silk ribbon woven roses.

I added some lace and embellished it. It looked sort of like a trellis to me so I added bullion rose buds.

In this section I added a ribbon butterfly, tatted butterfly and a lace heart with satin ribbon running though it embellished with french knot clusters.

This is my work on Therica's Tea Time block. I added some ribbon roses along a curvy seam, a crocheted tea party hat. I used a barbie doll hat pattern I had on hand. I added some organza ribbon to simulate steam rising from the cup and cut a tea bag paper from some tea fabric I had to simulate  bag hanging out of the cup. And finally, I cut a piece of chocolate from some other fabric I had and put lace around it to make it look like a ruffly paper around a bonbon.

Therica's block after me and Carolyn.

And, finally, this is my work on Meg's "Seam's Only" block. I tried to think of all curvy seams to add. I used the colors of the block as well as some pink since Ritva had used pink on the block she did before me.


Cathy said...

OMG, Cathy, you are one talented woman! Every bit of stitching is more beautiful than the last! What lucky ladies to get your beautiful work... Hugs, Cathy K

Thearica said...

I love what you have done to my Teatime RR block! I am so excited to see this!