Monday, October 18, 2010

Lucious Lace and Is it Winter?

This is the block I made to start the Lucious Lace RR - blah, lifeless.
And this is the block I received back after Paula, Nicki, Candji and Colleen did their magic. I was especially impressed when two out of the four who worked on my block said that blue was out of their comfort zone. Doesn't look like it to me!
 And this is my work on Wendy's Winter block. She wanted snowflakes, ice, etc. And, since the October challenge is spider webs I made the center of a snowflake a spiderweb. You can't see the glittery thread I used to overstitch everything but it's there. The angora yarn is supposed to simulate blowing snow. Not sure if it does, but that's why it's there. And, who says all snowflakes are symmetrical?


Laurie said...

Wow! These blocks are so beautiful!! The work done on the blue block is stunning, and the work on the one by you has me blown away!

Wendy said...

I love what you did to my block! I love,love the snowflake spiderweb!