Thursday, March 16, 2017


The Sunshine Online Quilt Guild members make quilts for Quilts Beyond Borders and Wrap-A-Smile.  A monthly Lotto is one of the activities.   Each month members have the option to make  any number of pairs of 12 inch blocks of choice in the month's theme.   One block of the pair goes toward a charity quilt and the other goes into a Lotto drawing.   I haven't participated for awhile but decided to join in again.  This month's theme is GREEN.   From scraps I made two Tennessee blocks and two Nine Patch blocks and mailed them on their merry way. 

My blue scraps went toward four 8 inch Broken Dishes Stars

I haven't won in awhile but it's fun to try at least one of the block of the month. 

Of course my sewing machine is a year old today and out of warranty so what happens? It starts acting up...thread keeps catching in the bobbin....cleaned bobbin area, tried different bobbin, tried different spool of thread, changed needle, messed with tension...cussed a little...tomorrow is another day.   Now I'm hand quilting. 


gayle said...

Tell your machine to behave itself or I'll sic some monkeys on it.
Crossing my fingers that that works, also that you win some lotto goodness!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Sigh - isn't that always the way it happens. Lovely swap blocks - happy hand quilting.

Sewing Junkie said...

Did you rethread the top thread. Sometimes it can jerk out of the tension.

Kaja said...

I hate it when stuff like that happens! Hopefully you will be able to sort your machine without too much trouble.