Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Bright and Wild UFO Sighting

Bright and Wild
It's just a flimsy (finally).
It will be donated when finished.
39 x 58.5

I THINK I swapped these bright and wild happy blocks some time before 2012.  I found some Bright and Wild, Patriotic and Fall themed swap blocks in a box.    They are actually a strange size of Happy Block...they finish at 6.5 inches.  They are made of 4 inch centers and 2 inch sides. 

I had about 36 Happy Blocks from the swap so dug through some swapped 4 inch squares looking for 18 bright and wild pieces.  I had to cut into fabric for the 2 inch side pieces. I have a box of fabrics set aside for donation quilts so used those fabrics. Then I made more blocks. 

Then I sewed all of the blocks together. 

And that's where I'm at now. 

I probably won't get it completely finished until summer. 

For now it will reside in the donation top pile which is a step up from being hidden away in a box for years. 

And my sewing room is a little bit cleaner. LITTLE bit! 


em's scrapbag said...

I love how happy this quilt is

claudia said...

This is really a cute top! I love all the happy colors.

Quilting Babcia said...

I love your bright and scrappy quilts!

audrey said...

Every little bit helps and this will be a wonderful donation. So bright and cheery!

Louise said...

It's almost an I-spy, isn't it? This is going to make some little person very happy :)

---"Love" said...

Such a cheerful quilt will surely make someone somewhere very happy someday. ---"Love"

canuckquilter said...

This is a positively cheerful quilt! It's sure to brighten someone's day.

gayle said...

Happy blocks make a happy quilt! And this happy quilt will make a happy recipient, too!

Ann said...

Cute way to use scraps, Cathy.