Monday, November 14, 2016

Grab Bags

I just completed two "Grab Bags" for Christmas gifts for the granddaughters.  They are pre-teens (one turned 12 on Halloween and the other will be 12 on Dec. 7) and suddenly have abandoned their somewhat Bohemian style for the Goth look. I think that style is called something else now but just the same the color black dominates in their clothing choices and accessories.  Maybe they played with too many of those hideous Monster High dolls after ditching Barbie a few years back. Who knows? I just go with the flow.   They are still the same giggly girls with good grades and good manners I've always known.  They just look a little less colorful. 

I made these Grab Bags from some glow in the dark skull fabric and used the free pattern at AllPeopleQuilt.  Hopefully they fit into their "style". 

For the lining I used some black cat fabric and made pockets out of some spiderweb and eyeball fabric.  Kind of creepy, I know. 

You close them up by putting the side with the longer handle through the shorter handle.  

Of course I had to label my work but didn't figure a "made for you with love by grandma" label would be too cool. So I made up my own label or is it my brand name? - "Cat's Meow"...get it? My name is Cathy (husband calls me Cat) and these Grab Bags made by me are definitely The Cat's Meow! (Corny, I know, but I think the girls will get it kick out of it). 

I experimented with making the labels. First I used 100% polyester twill tape but the ink smeared too much on them.  Then I found this 100% cotton twill tape and it worked a lot better. I was digging around for some pens in my scrap booking stuff and found this little cat stamp and decided to try it too for a little fun.  My ink pad was dried up so had to buy a new one but that's okay because I think I see more Cat's Meow labels in my future. 


Caryl @ cinnamon holiday workshop said...

very cute bags....and the label is great....and clever!

gayle said...

Love the bags!

Summer said...

Very pretty ♥

Emily said...

I think your labels are too cute!

Miaismine said...

I saw this at Love, Laugh, Quilt! I love love love your bags! Yes, your granddaughters will love them because they were made by someone - you - who REALLY SEES THEM. And that is simply priceless! They look fun! Thank you for sharing!

Patty said...

Fun bags! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts Bag It!