Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Fourth Quarter Finish-A-Long Goals

It's time to declare some goals for the Q4 Finish-A-Long. 

1. Feather Bed. I'm in the process of hand quilting it now.

2. A Quilt of Valor surprise for my brother-in-law on Veteran's Day. 

3. Rainbow Chevrons. It's in the process of being machine quilted. 

4. An old, old, old, old Mystery Quilt. I think this will be one of the car quilts for a Car survival kit Christmas gift. 

5. Spools. A big quilt and these 3 inch spools aren't even sewn together yet. 

6. Twinklers. Another large quilt but these six inch blocks aren't sewn together yet. 

7. Fractured. I call it Frazzled. I am stalled on this one because I don't like that middle column. It just doesn't seem to fit.  This is made from scraps so maybe it doesn't matter...or maybe it does. 

8. Wild Kingdom (Jacob's Ladder). It looks kind of yucky in this configuration. This is another one I'm sticking in a Car Survival Kit gift for Christmas. 

9. Kaleidoscope of Butterflies - Some rows are sewn together!

10. Dresdens. Not sewn together yet. And I will be hand quilting. Good luck to me on a finish for this one! 

11. Vintage Butterflies (aka Beggar's Blocks). I was thinking of hand quilting but now I don't know. Hmmmm......

12. Rosebuds

13. Emerald Isle. Need the nine patch emerald isle part. 

14. Starz.  Another really old UFO and another one for the Car Survival Kit Christmas gift. 

15. Donation quilt
16. Donation quilt

17.  Another hat like this for other granddaughter (Christmas gifts). 

18. Another hat like this for other granddaughter but in different colors (Christmas gifts). 

19. Another hat like this for other granddaughter. (Christmas gifts). 

20. Two pillowcases (Christmas gift) for my Flamingo-loving sister. 

21. and 22.   Two clutch purses - one for each of the granddaughters. 

23. Purse for me

24.  and 25.  Glow in the dark skull bag or backpack - one for each granddaughter. 
Can't decide if I will use the Grab Bag pattern or Backpack pattern  from AllPeopleQuilt

26.   and 27.   Pillows.  Probably from orphan blocks. for Christmas gifts. 

Finish A Long 2016


Ariane said...

Yikes!! That's a long list. Lots of amazing projects though! Wishing you all the best in getting them done.

Nana said...

I could not finish that much in a year!!! Hope your don't need to sleep!
Love the optimism and will be watching to see you ring the bell when they are all done.

Julianne said...

Hi Cathy! I hope you are hanging in there with all that is going on in your family, I am praying for you!
How big are your beggers blocks? The pattern I found for them is an 18" block..yikes! Huge! Do you have a reference for a smaller block? Were yours paper pieced?

Nancy said...

You are so incredibly prolific, Cathy. And I know you work full-time -- how do you manage to get so much done? Amazing! And your quilts are so bright and fun.
--Nancy. (ndmessier @ aol.com, joyforgrace.blogspot.com)

Archie The Wonder Dog said...

Crikey, that's quite a list! (Although I'm one to talk *grins*) Good luck with it and thank you for taking part in the Finish-Along!

Karen in Breezy Point said...

Ha-ha--I named my Fractured quilt Compound Fracture--something went terribly wrong when I put it together and I had to take it all apart and resew. It looks like you have lots of fun ahead--good luck with your finishes!!

Julierose said...

You have a ga-zillion (well, almost lol)projects on the go!! i admire people who can stop and then come back--I have become a one-project-at-a-time gal--in the quilting world; but i have other crafts to take up the slack...hugs--loving the dresdens especially--but they are all nice--I wouldn't take the fractured apart--it will fracture YOU LOL Julierose

Maryse said...

Oh wow, that's quite a list you have there!! My favorites are the Jacob's Ladder and the Spools; good luck finishing them!