Wednesday, October 12, 2016

In The Hoop

I've been off work this week to take care of my husband post surgery (they took out his fibula and made it into his mandible to fix a jaw that broke due to osteoradionecrosis which means, I think, bone death due to radiation when he had cancer years ago).  During this time t's nice and relaxing to just sit, de-stress and hand quilt in between changing his dressings, packing his drains,  grinding his medications to dust and filling his "feed bag". 

These colors are definitely sunshine on a rainy day! (Bring on the sunglasses). 

As you can see I'm using perle #8 - odds and ends - different colors leftover from other projects - to stitch around the feathers and on the feathers themselves. 

(Yes, I'm a thread slob). 

I used all the bright and long string scraps leftover, for the most part, from quilt backing trimmings.  Some of the scraps that are smaller in width were leftovers from the very end of a piece of fabric. If the fabric end pieces are smaller than 1.5 inches I throw them into the long string mishmash of scraps otherwise they go into the 1.5, 2.5 or 4.5 scraps.  

After I get the feathers all quilted I have no idea how or what I'm going to do with the empty space between the feathers.  Suggestions? (Easy ones, please). 

Got scraps? 


em's scrapbag said...

I love how happy and bright this is. Hope your hubby has a speedy recovery.

gayle said...

I'm so happy to see this feather quilt again - I love it so!
I think I'd just quilt a simple echo around the feathers, with some straight(ish) lines between in whatever direction feels right. Or something. I dunno either.
Wishing your hubby lots of quick healing.

Kaja said...

I like lots of different threads in a scrappy quilt - feels consistent somehow. I always think I should be able to think of clever quilting designs, but always end up doing some version of straight lines or following what's on the quilt, so I'm not much use for suggestions, I'm afraid.

Vic in NH said...

Hope your hubby heals up strong, well, and fast! It seems to me that cheddar fabric already has turquoise spirals printed upon it, so how about quilting big soft spirals? Maybe you could even do them by machine?
Or do you prefer the hand work right now perhaps. Sending hugs!

ES said...

Could you do a chevron/zigzag in between the feathers? Freestyle (no marking). Good luck, this feather quilt is happy and fun. I hope your husband heals up and gets better, the operation sounds really quite wonderful (aren't doctors and surgeons so clever). x

Nicky said...

Could you quilt feathers? It seems to be asking for it. Lovely quilt however you quilt it. Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday

Janie said...

Great hand stitching.
Maybe outline quilting?
Hope all goes well with your husband.